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The Official Website of Melynda Kiring's


     “If you’re craving a new, mind-blowing fantasy, look no further that FORTRESS. Melynda Kiring’s vivid and engaging debut fantasy is dusted with mystery, intrigue, and wrought with splendid characters. The genius and original storyline makes this a great addition to any fantasy reader’s book list.”

- Todd Nunes, author of “Two Brothers.”

“A combination of Stephen King and Roald Dahl.”

- Jim Kilpatrick, author of “Little Bat Koku.”

Hmm, intriguing. What's the book about?

Three strangers: Iris, Alistair and Spike, are casually ripped from their mundane lives to find themselves in a vast desert. Their journey to discover the reason puts them in the path of two unpredictable smiling gods.

Guided by intuition, and the words of a possibly-long-dead doctor from 1889, they brave sand, caves, ruby bugs, too much diner food, a medicine show, many baffling visions, and an unexpectedly good performance at a local theater, all while wondering if the cheerful hints offered by the Twin Gods are as helpful as they seem. In the end a decision must be made. One that will - if all goes well - rip a soul apart.

    Instantly engrossing, and wonderfully re-readable, this is a subtle and enchanting tale of fate (like it or not), of true soul-love that transcends time and space, and the healing power of French fries.

Can I read a little of it first?

Look no further. Here is a little offering from the marvelous (but tiny) Land of Excerpt.

(The Excerpians are quite short, but they do their jobs.)

Well then, how can I get a copy of this book?

Simple! Just mosey on down to the Listening Day Dry Goods. 

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

(The shopkeeper keeps the books on the upper shelf, right between the molasses and the lye soap.Yes, there they are, just behind that jar of pig's feet.)

Hey! I read the book! Now I want to talk about it!

Well then, scoot into a pink leatherette booth

and order yourself a milkshake at May's Diner

And now...

~News from the Desert~

It's Con Time Again! ~3.25.13~

My next convention is BigWow! Comicfest

This will be held at The San Jose Convention Center on May 18-19. It's my first time here, so I'm

I will also be debuting Fortress' new cover. Only 12 of the new ones were printed, so get them while they last!

A litte WonderCon around the edges. ~11.16.2011~

This year it will all happen at the Anaheim Convention Center. (Literally just across the street from Disneyland! Not too shabby.) What wonders and adventures await your intrepid heroine in Southern California? What brilliant newness will spring unseen from the dark well of ... well anyway, we will certainly see.

Book...(deep breath)...
3 ~7.18.11~

This tale has attained the status of trilogy. Book 3 - forty pages as of this missive - will be preceded by an interlocking short story.

The simple story of three people who appeared in a desert, once so casually conceived and written, has become such a deep, important part of my life.

Once again I am grateful.

And now...Facebook!

998...999... ~4.18.11~

1000 hits! :)

Perhaps not much in the grand scheme of the internet, but I like it anyway. :)

Eeeeeee! ~3.20.11~

For those of the Kindle/iPad/Nook persuasion, Fortress is now available as an e-book download!

Sure, you won't have the mystical thrill of holding an actual book in your hands, but you'll still get one amazing story!

My kingdom for a table! ~2.9.11~

After five nail-biting months of being on a waiting list, I finally received confirmation that FORTRESS will again have a small-press table at WonderCon in San Francisco!

 This was cause for much dancing about.

What: WonderCon 2011

When: Friday, April 1st - Sunday, April 3rd.

Where: The Moscone Center.

I will be at Small Press Table #02

Book 2 and a road trip. ~1.2.11~

In working on Book 2, I found that I needed to commune with Iris a little, so I went to Lodi Ca. to see what she would see. I was instantly overwhelmed with her life. And I also knew how she could survive in a barren desert so well.

"Three of Four" ~ 9.8.10~

Trailer number three!

Thank you so much to Jerry and Gerry. We had no idea that the little town of Clayton was such a freeway at 9 a.m. on a Sunday.

"Two of Four" ~ 8.9.10~

The second trailer is up and running!

Just go to "Little Pink Cloud Theatre" at the top of the page.

My thanks to Cathy for being amazing, and Barb's Blue Rock Lounge in Vallejo, Ca., and to the actor who dropped in our laps at the very last minute. It couldn't have gone any smoother if we were on a water slide!

"One of Four" ~7.26.10~

The first of the four book trailers has been filmed, edited and posted!

Just go to "Little Pink Cloud Theatre" at the top of the page.

My grateful thanks to the cast, who donned waitress uniforms and poured/drank coffee repeatedly for a couple of hours, and to the Sugar Plum Coffee Shop (1815 Colfax St. Concord,
CA 94520) for the incredible generosity.

All the lovely words... ~7.9.10~

Whoa Nellie! Fortress is being made into an audio book!

It is quite a fun experience, going to a recording studio and reading this story out loud. Even though I often read my stories to people, I've never read this one aloud before. It's like hearing your own voice on an answering machine. You wonder, whose voice is that?? As of now, we are about 65% complete. Spiff-tastic, to say the least.

Three Days of Spiffiness. ~4.6.10~

WonderCon was quite amazing. Great people visited me at my table and I was able to share this story with many of them. It is simply an honor to give this story to everyone. It's been so long with me that now that it is officially out in the world I feel both very confidant and shy at once.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a book. Now the story is yours too.

Only good things can happen now.

Aaahh! Ruby Bugs everywhere!! ~ 03.03.10 ~

The newest and definitely the most sparkly addition to this year's table are the Ruby Bug lockets. They're sterling silver and glass, and, best of all, they have a tiny, hand-rendered ruby bug image in them!

And they're also quite limited. Only 5 were made.

As Kookie might say, "They're the ginchiest!" And indeed they are.

WonderCon Table, I choose you! ~ 01.26.10 ~

 I will be at Small press Area, space # 50. Swing on by for a great book, or just to chat about how crowded the place is.

For people who are really paying attention, this year's bookmarks are different. And these are not just any old dull bookmarks! These are large, hand-made, double-sided affairs encased in a vinyl sleeve with green sparklies and an impressive tassel. People will see this bookmark and positively swoon with envy. They'll swoon, I tell you!

And the best part is this year they're FREE! Get a book, get a bookmark (which by all rights should be separately sold for at least $5.00. Let it never be said that I don't bow to the public's wishes...)

But the really and truly best part about these bookmarks? They give you tidbits of the story that isn't included in the book! Ah yes... a collector's item if there ever was one!

                               ANNOUNCING...! 10.28.09

After much work and many long hours, the new, revised, updated edition of FORTRESS is avaialble at Just follow this magical link here!

I am very proud of this edition. I hope you like it as much as I do. :)

The handbound WonderCon '09 version is now limited in its availability. When they're gone, they're gone. I will be selling these remaining copies on this site and next April at Wondercon 2010.

Now back to our regularly scheduled page...

I see a "Con" in my future... ~ 09.17.09 ~

I will be exhibiting again (the book, that is) at Wondercon on April 2,3,4.

If it is as spiffy as last time, I know the weekend will be super-splendiferous.

Finding my way around 1889 ~ 08.12.09 ~

Book 2 is quite the journey. If I had any questions about the little group who just showed up in the desert one day, they have certainly been answered. It is such an honor to be given this opportunity.

I love being told a good story. Hmm...I wonder who is telling it to me...?

WonderCon was a true honor.3.02.09

As always, WonderCon was full of the things that make it all worthwhile: the friendships, the amazing things for sale, the chance to meet people whose art and stories have inspired you for most of your life. I can think of no better way to spend three non-stop days in San Francisco.

Sincere, sparkling thanks to all who visited my table. I truly enjoyed talking to you!

The best quote of the entire Con: "You had me at French fries!"

Yep. In the words of Kid Shelleen, "It was just fine."

~ Random "NEWSY" Items ~ 2.25.09

Hello! Welcome to the site!

I will be exhibiting the book with its spiffy new cover (as seen above) at WonderCon in San Francisco, CA. on Feb. 27th, 28th, and March 1st.

I will be at booth #SP32 , which is "CuppaT Books" in the Small Press Area.

The number of people who suddenly showed up in the desert.


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